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Why we love college sports…

Posted on date Nov 19th, 2004 | filed Filed under: Michigan Wolverines

There are many reasons to love college sports, and one of them is the spirit and passion of the fans. Michigan and Ohio State fans are part of one of the biggest, greatest rivalries in all of sports, and some of the fans come up with some crazy stuff. You might not like the article below if you are a Michigan fan, but regardless, it’s kind of funny and very entertaining.

OSU punks rip into U-M rivals

Buckeye band the Dead Schembechlers makes fun of coaching legend, his team

Free Press article by The Undercover Fan

The University of Michigan plays the Ohio State University on Saturday for the 101st time in what many consider to be the country’s best college football rivalry. But it’s not much of a rivalry.

Michigan has never won. That’s right, they’ve lost 100 straight games.

And for all those who believe that U-M won just last year, 35-21 in Ann Arbor, well, said the frontman for Columbus punk rock band the Dead Schembechlers: “They are dupes, suckers who’ve been tricked by the ‘Wolverine liberal media.’”

In fact, the man who calls himself Bo Biafra believes many of the nation’s problems can be traced to the prissy campus in Ann Arbor.

“Did you know that the massive changes in our country’s weather patterns can be traced back to the time when Apollo 15 was in the air?” Biafra said. “Did you know who made up the crew? That’s right, three alumni from the University of Michigan!”

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